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FE is all about freedom of designing extraordinary products and exploring the limits of realistic sound reproduction.

My life revolves around music.

I was touched by it and I risk dedicating my entire life, chasing the dream to reproduce at home music that can emotionally touch us.

Not in a technical excellence way, but in the deepest emotional connection.

At Lampizator I always designed the excellent products that the customer wants. The customer is the most important.

Fikus Electric is my personal space,

I will do the products that I want.

I feel that there is room for expressing my real self.

A Designer cannot live behind the desk. My rebellious, free thinking mind wants to break the rules, push the boundaries, change the game. I want to go off the beaten path and follow the road less travelled. 

The purpose is to create state of art, statement designs without any business plan, without concern for marketing or accounting. The only purpose is satisfying the designer in me. Quench my thirst for success.


Łukasz Fikus

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